The emergence of Bitcoin in and the invention and innovation of blockchain technology already heralded the beginning of the value revolution. The use of blockchain technology has enabled the flow of value to break through the traditional centralized restrictions, country-specific restrictions, and restrictions on the use of platforms. At the same time, blockchain technology provides an open channel for financial restrictions and economic blockades.

ULA – originated from the “pen pal path” between Vlad Najiv and Smolensky, one of the seven Russian oligarchs; created by the Russian Cryptocurrency Foundation.

ULA’s mission: to provide efficient, stable and friendly smart contract trading and decentralized financial services to ordinary investors and users, out of the box.

We are trying to build a distributed financial system that bypasses the sanctions and centralized paths of traditional financial channels of NATO countries led by the United States through a decentralized application – ULA DAPP, while combining smart contract trading models with powerful intelligent computer algorithms to create the world’s largest smart contract trading and financial asset investment platform oriented by technology output.

ULA smart contract trading relies on independent research and development in its own lab, and three leading technologies – asset allocation technology, quantitative measurement algorithms and quantitative social breakthroughs – have enabled the platform DAPP to spread in the community before it even goes live.

Simply put, the ULA smart contract algorithm enables the generation of different investment advisor strategy recommendations such as single-strategy wise investment, multi-strategy portfolio and ETFs based on wide strategy, integrated risk value and return based on big data allocation, to achieve asset packaging, multiple allocation, restructuring distribution and revenue risk hedging, thus ensuring investment safety and maximizing return solutions.

In the design of ULA’s incentive model, our profitability fulcrum is mainly derived from:

We set up the USDT deposit, USDT withdrawal, on-chain contract investment method, bypassing the traditional financial sanctions path, to fully protect the safety of funds. Participating in Ula, in addition to the generous market share rewards, you can also receive additional platform tokens ULA, we are looking forward to investors to become elite partners of the project, become future shareholders and enjoy multi-generational income.

To become a partner, you need to pledge USDT; to become a super partner, you need to pledge USDT – only places are available, and you can enjoy the equivalent energy value as a partner, and enjoy -% discount for purchasing energy value!

Partners refer partners to enjoy % of the income of the embrace gold, % of the whole network withdrawal fees % for partner dividends, % for super partner dividends.

The world is currently focusing on blockchain technology, hoping to use blockchain technology products to serve the financial market more quickly, and digital currencies are also a natural fit with the financial industry. As more and more money starts to be invested in the digital asset market, more professional investors will enter the market, and the digital trading market will become more and more diversified, complete and professional.

ULA is committed to exploring the value and transformative nature of blockchain and smart contracts, creating a global contract trading platform covering big data, digital currencies, digital asset trading and other technology and financial integration penetration, and seeking more ways and strategies to make the digital assets held by everyone keep increasing in value.