Spurred by the success of the #FTXAfricaCryptoTour in several African cities, cryptocurrency exchange giant FTXm has also been investing heavily in a similar initiative, this time in University campuses around the continent.

The #FTXAfricaCampusTour promises to be bigger, better, and packed with interesting details, need-to-knows as well as best practices in the digital currency ecosystem. The event will leverage its adept in-house team made up of campus ambassadors, as well as industry experts to educate young African students about the diverse opportunities in the blockchain and Crypto industry.

According to the Business Development Manager of FTX Africa, Adebayo Juwon, “The #FTXAfricaCampusTour will take place at selected higher institutions of learning across Africa, and will further enhance active interactions between newbies and active users of FTXm, while also helping them improve their knowledge on crypto trading, NFTs, Defi, and so much more. We have taken the time to vet, select & train students who are avid FTX users, converted them to FTX Campus Ambassadors and most importantly empowered them. And so far, we have dozens of these active campus ambassadors in numerous universities across the the continent, and have already organized campus events in so many renowned higher institutions of learning.”

The #FTXAfricaCampusTour is open to all students of institutions visited who desire to increase their knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Participants will be introduced to the FTX platform and local crypto community members. The #FTXAfricaCampusTour isn’t about learning alone. Fun interactive sessions are also part of the event with opportunities for students to network among themselves, and to also win freebies and other giveaways.

This event is sure to boost awareness on various campuses. This helps the crypto exchange to keep its value as a user-oriented trading platform while also attracting new users and increasing its customer base.

FTX is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange with a lot of leading products in the industry. The platform offers user-friendly features and has been dubbed the crypto exchange built by traders, for traders. It continues to strive to develop a platform robust enough for professional trading and intuitive enough for first-time users.