Sphere D Corp. Nasdaq: ANY Sphere D, dedicated to becoming the leading carbon-neutral bitcoin mining company operating at an industrial scale, today announced that the Company joined other top crypto and blockchain companies by signing the Crypto Climate Accord CCA . The Company also announced that it has contracted to purchase million carbon offset credits delivered over the next months.

Signing the Crypto Climate Accord and investing in additional carbon credits demonstrates Sphere D’s commitment to the net-carbon neutral operation of its growing fleet of Sj Pro miners. The Company expects to take delivery of a total of , Sj Pro miners by year-end . The Company is dedicated to helping achieve the CCA goals by maintaining its net carbon-neutral status as the mining fleet grows and the Company expands into new areas of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Sphere D is proud that its cryptocurrency mining operation has been % carbon-neutral from the moment we activated our first miner. Through the commitment made to the CCA and the purchase of million carbon credits, we are taking steps to achieve the goals of the CCA and to help drive down carbon emissions, said Patricia Trompeter, CEO of Sphere D. While energy consumption for miners is a debated subject, I am excited that these are the first initiatives I announce as Sphere D’s new CEO.

Ms. Trompeter added, I look forward to hearing about the latest renewable energy and green-energy strategies of other leading crypto and blockchain companies at Bitcoin this week. This event is a fantastic opportunity for the industry to share best practices, network, and learn from the smartest people in cryptocurrency and business.

Sphere D Corp. Nasdaq: ANY is a net carbon-neutral cryptocurrency miner with decades of proven enterprise data-services expertise. The Company is rapidly growing its industrial-scale mining operation through the capital-efficient procurement of next-generation mining equipment and partnering with best-in-class data center operators. The Company’s mining operation currently has , Sj Pro miners operating, expects delivery of , more in the second quarter of and , additional Sj Pro miners by year-end . Sphere D has approximately . EHs of capacity under contract for deliveries this year. Sphere D is dedicated to growing shareholder value while honoring its commitment to strict environmental, social, and governance standards. For more information about the Company, please visit SphereDm.

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