What better way to celebrate the hard work and efforts of people in a challenging , solving challenges and connecting customers with financial solutions matching the changing environment of the new normal. Table Bay Financial’s th Annual Elite Advisors meeting is coming up next week with a big recognition for the Employee of the Year as well as multiple honors for Table Bay advisors and staff who’ve gone above and beyond.

Given the last two years and the effects of social distancing from the recent pandemic, the th Annual Elite Advisors meeting was a big one, already looked forward to by many months earlier. Situated at the Rowan Hotel and Resort in the deep Southern California desert, the Palm Springs location was a welcome break from the hectic pace everyone has been under for the last months at least.

Barry Bulakites, the President and CEO of Table Bay Financial, personally looked forward to the big celebration and took time to honor his employees and star performers for all their hard work and efforts that have made Table Bay Financial continue to be a success. Not to mention, getting in a few holes of golf in Palm Springs is always worth the drive as well. In addition to the Employee of the Year, Barry Bulakites also noted that the ceremonies included specific honors for the Elite , those advisors who rank as the top performers for Table Bay Financial and have done so against significant challenges in the industry.

The Table Bay Financial meeting was a welcome change of pace, allowing folks to get in a bit of sun early in the year with the typical climate Palm Springs is famous for, as well as a chance for folks to network and do a bit of brainstorm as well while resetting and re-engaging with each other. Scheduled for April through April , the event has historically been a game-changing restart for the company’s financial teams and Cs, celebrating those who’ve really shown themselves as rising stars while setting the benchmark for the up and comers looking to win the title in future years.

“The last couple of years have been difficult on everyone, but these Elite have continued to persevere with great grit and tenacity. This is going to be their show for the meeting, no doubt about it!” said Barry Bulakites when asked what to expect this year. He and his executive team will be on hand to welcome all the guests, celebrate the success of Table Bay Financial in , and forecast the expectations for forward as well. No question about it, the Table Bay Financial Annual Elite Advisors’ meeting was a big hit this year, heavily anticipated, and just around the corner next year.