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Titano is an online, crypto-based investment platform that launched in November and operates on the Binance Smart Chain. In just over three months it has become one of the most hyped projects in the DeFi space with over , holders and a $ million market capitalization at the time of writing.

In these last few months, Titano says that it has built a strong reputation for safety and trust, with a team that communicates openly and directly with its investors on a daily basis. The lively community channels on Discord and Telegram epitomize what this company is about – help and support for the everyday investor.

The Titano Auto-Staking Protocol T.A.P. sits at the heart of the platform and provides a powerful inbuilt utility for the native $TITANO token. T.A.P. gives $TITANO token holders some of the highest stable returns in crypto by simply holding the token in their wallets. Through an ingenious, seamless, rebasing mechanism, the token generates Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding returns.

The TAP Auto-Stake feature is a simple yet cutting-edge function that can be best described as Buy-Hold-Earn and it provides the ultimate ease of use for $TITANO holders. By simply buying $TITANO and holding the token in your wallet, you earn rebase rewards directly into your wallet. An investor’s tokens will increase every minutes without the need to interact with the platform.

Also, because everything is automated, investing with Titano is both easy and safe. There are no complicated procedures to follow to stake your tokens, no crypto wallet interactions to learn or worry about.

The T.A.P. provides a fixed APY so you always know what you will receive and you can estimate your returns in a week or month or even further down the line. By contrast, APYs that fluctuate mean you can never tell how many tokens you will receive. Other DeFi protocols pay out a high APY that can fluctuate by % in a day. T.A.P. claims that it pays $TITANO holders a fixed interest rate of .% daily or with compounding ,.% annually.

The TAP uses a complex set of factors to support its price and the rebase rewards. One key element is the buy and sell taxes. When users buy Titano, % of their purchase goes towards the protocol, when they sell, % goes to the protocol as well. But these taxes are just one piece of the puzzle. Titano also uses game theory and models human nature to determine the most likely habits of those who buy the token. The development team has coordinated all of these elements so they work seamlessly behind the scenes. The result is a simple and elegant staking and rewards system for $TITANO holders.

The T.A.P. is as flexible as it is powerful and will be used as the foundation for a range of Titano products, services, and projects going forward. Each will transform a different area of crypto and will help sustain the project by lowering inflation and creating additional revenue for the project.

The project has been fully audited by Solidity Finance and more importantly, it has been running successfully and growing rapidly since launch. Also, in the past few months, Titano has been working with Certik to make further improvements to the safety and security of the platform and these changes will be happening imminently.

The development team plans on expanding the Titano ecosystem by adding new features and partnerships along the way. One new feature, Titano PLAY, has been introduced already and will be re-launched in the coming weeks. Titano PLAY allows users to enter their tokens for a risk-free chance of winning big jackpots. Other features coming soon include the Titano NFT’s, Mobile App, Cross-chain, Merchandise, and so much more. The company says that to execute its vision, it need lots of utilities, so its agenda is not to try and build everything in-house but also to engage in partnerships.

This content should not be interpreted as investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market; do your independent research and only invest what you can afford to lose. New token launches and small market capitalization coins are inherently more risky than large cap cryptocurrencies. These tokens are subject to larger liquidity and market risks.