Blockchain Asset Management is a growing hedgefund company that welcomes long-term digital asset investments. The company takes on a carefully planned approach to create what it calls a digital investment blueprint to help clients achieve their financial goals. It provides extensive knowledge on key facets of the digital economy frontiers including the metaverse, NFT’s, Gamefi, and Web 3.0cryptocurrencies.

The fundamental concept of Blockchain Asset Management is establishing balance between long-term accrual value and short-term high-reward opportunities. All the while, maintaining stability through mindful risk management.

To attain this, the company relies on three fundamental aspects: Fundamental Long, Actively Managed, and Risk Management.

The Fundamental Long pertains to its focus on allowing investment self-generate passive accrual value in process called staking. The Blockchain Asset Management team assesses a number of factors including the networks’ crypto-economics, total addressable market, and future demand in able to determine optimum position for fund growth. The company also monitors potential opportunities in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as a supplementary passive income source.

Alongside this continuous long-term progress, Blockchain Assessment Management applies active management of its asset portfolios. The company employs a team of financial experts who conduct thorough technical analysis to determine high probability, high percentage yield opportunities that develop in the market. The team constantly assess all contributing factors based on news and global events that trigger economic trends such as pricing changes and value appreciation.

The very core of the company’s operations is its Risk Management. While remaining oriented towards growing its investments, Blockchain Asset Management puts asset protection at its primary consideration.

“While the fund focuses on long exposure to outperform the core index, we also utilize a mix of fiat, options, futures and stablecoins when significant volatility or downside is expected in the market,” explains the team at Blockchain Asset Management.

The growth of crypto-economy has undeniably been exponential. According to the recent Annual Global Crypto Hedgefund Report by accounting firm giant Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the average crypto fund returned more than 128% in 2020. This is a remarkable rise compared to 30% in 2019. Blockchain Asset Management seeks to set itself on a prime position in this game-changing economic and technological shift as a frontline hedgefund service provider.

More information about Blockchain Asset Management and its services can be found at its website